Innovating the way commercial real estate services are approached.


We are innovators. We work at the intersection of commercial real estate, finance, big data, and technology, which allows us to provide superior results. We listen to our clients’ needs and build a custom process and team for each.

Peloton is a leading full service commercial real estate firm that believes in the power of the team, leveraging people, process and passion. Founded in 2002 by industry veterans, we strive to be a leader in the commercial real estate services industry, and we accomplish this by constantly finding new and better ways to serve our clients.

Our deep local roots and strong relationships with our business and brokerage communities gives us a distinct advantage in our markets and allows our clients to stay one step ahead. We can uncover below-the-radar options, fast track a search, and respond to opportunities at a moment’s notice.


We’re driven by two primary initiatives; managing market knowledge expertise and instilling the drive and the heart to serve well. Our success in these initiates is evident in our strong team culture. We celebrate the success of the group over the individual and we value great teammates.

With agents in the Dallas office, Peloton tenant advisors offer a highly localized, entrepreneurial approach combined with a national platform including world-class marketing and research support, providing clients with in-depth market expertise, and a comprehensive, integrated approach to their requirements.

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