Combining proficiency with a desire to serve, yielding exceptional results for every assignment.


We are servant-minded, driven, humble and competitive.

In locating space for occupiers of office space, Peloton’s strategy combines an in-depth understanding of an organization’s current situation and relevant decision drivers with insight into market dynamics to develop multiple strategies.

In executing a sublease, Peloton’s approach highlights the space’s value and provides the right sub-tenant match on every assignment.

In renewing a current lease, Peloton relies on intelligent property analysis to provide a renewal strategy that maximizes tenant leverage in negotiations with the landlord.


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We are constantly innovating, disrupting and leveraging technology to produce superior results. The desire to SERVE teammates and clients by contributing to the greater good fuels our energy, creativity and drive to WIN.

Operational Efficiency. Reduced Risk. Maximum Savings.

Think of my team and I as your own personal corporate real estate department, available to take care of any real estate initiatives your company may have. We can plug into any company of any size and immediately hit the ground running. If you need help relocating your company, negotiating a renewal, or leasing your building, I know just the right person.


Whether you are relocating across the hall, across town or across state lines, we understand the importance of site selection.

What is your incentive to choose one location over another?

How does each decision impact the future performance of your company?

What office is best suited for your company to drive revenue?

Can you identify and secure the right location when demand outstrips supply?

In competitive markets, speed to market is critical, seconds matter. It pays to have an advocate that can deliver speed to market in order to capitalize on opportunities. The difference between locating a new facility in time and being forced to renew or holdover can cost tens of thousands of dollars on one location.


How far out do you typically think through your strategy and approach with your current landlord? Once engaged, we keep a constant temperature of the leasing environment surrounding your locations.

Is it possible your landlord sells the property to a new investor during your current lease?

How about your next lease and how would that affect you?

Do you have time to relocate if you need to?

Does your landlord know that?

How many options do you really have?

What is your cost of moving?

Will other landlords subsidize your move?

We create options for you so that you are driving the discussion. We create options before you need them so that your organization can remain nimble enough to capitalize on the opportunity when it presents itself. Send us one of your leases and we can show you what is possible. You may have savings in your current lease that you aren’t even aware of.

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